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Complete system includes console, a/c adaptor and 2 controllers, Rf switch, video cable and Donkey Kong game. $80

Colecovision predates cable TV. Add $1 for cable ready RF adaptor. A/V type TV hookups were never available for this system, too old.


Colecovision Expansion Module #1 $15 allows you to play Atari 2600 games on your Colecovision system.

Colecovision Steering Wheel-for use w/ racing game Turbo $22

Colecovision roller controller w/ Slither game $20

NEW IN BOX Colecovision roller controllers w/ Slither game in bad shape, water damaged box. Controller and

game are still mint inside. $25

Name Colecovision Price

Antarctic Adventure (COLECOVISION) $10.00

Antarctic Adventures (COLECOVISION-MANUAL ONLY) $3.00

Artillery Duel (COLECOVISION) $18.00

Atari expansion module (COLECOVISION) $15.00

BC's Quest for Tires (COLECOVISION) $15.00

BC's Quest for Tires II (COLECOVISION) $15.00

Beamrider (COLECOVISION) $7.00

Blockade Runner (COLECOVISION) $25.00

Brain Strainers (COLECOVISION) $18.00

Buck Rogers (COLECOVISION) $8.00

Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom (COLECOVISION-MANUAL ONLY) $3.00

Bump 'N' Jump (COLECOVISION) $14.00

Burger Time (COLECOVISION) $12.00

Burger Time in box w/ manual (COLECOVISION) $20.00

Cabbage Patch Adventures in the Park (COLECOVISION) $9.00

Cabbage Patch Picture Show (COLECOVISION) $15.00

Cabbage Patch Picture Show (COLECOVISION-MANUAL ONLY) $3.00

Campaign 84 (COLECOVISION) $25.00

Carnival new in box(COLECOVISION) $15.00

Carnival (COLECOVISION) $2.00

Carnival in box w/ manual (COLECOVISION) $6.00

Centipede - no end label (COLECOVISION) $4.00

Centipede (COLECOVISION) $8.00

Centipede new factory sealed (COLECOVISION) $12.00

Choplifter (COLECOVISION) $18.00

Choplifter new factory sealed (COLECOVISION) $25.00

Chuck Norris Superkicks (COLECOVISION) $20.00

Coleco Super Action controller grip (COLECOVISION) $1.00

Congo Bongo (COLECOVISION) $14.00

Cosmic Avenger (COLECOVISION) $2.00

Cosmic Avenger in box w/ manual (COLECOVISION) $6.00

Cosmic Crisis new in plastic case w/ manual - telegames version (COLECOVISION) $15.00

Dam Busters (COLECOVISION) $16.00

Decathlon (COLECOVISION) $8.00

Decathlon in box (COLECOVISION) $13.00

Defender (COLECOVISION) $7.00

Defender - new in box shrinkwrapped (COLECOVISION) $10.00

Defender -no end label (COLECOVISION) $4.00

Destructor (COLECOVISION) $7.00

Donkey Kong (COLECOVISION) $1.00

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